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Royston Office Performance Update

Choosing the best estate agent in Royston to market your home, your most valuable asset, can be tough. In an industry that has changed and a town with new faces alongside well-known ones, where do you start when weighing up who will best serve you?

It’s a shame that given the vast amount of information fed back to estate agents, often from property portals, that there is a lack of clarity as to how the competition stacks up. Smoke and mirrors are often used so every agent can lay claim to the No1 spot, albeit for a few weeks or days.

To aid transparency and help residents of Royston decide if WellingtonWise is the right estate agent to represent them, we’re publishing the results that we’ve been told matter to those selling their home.

What really matters?
This is the question we asked a sample of clients considering selling their home and the results were unsurprisingly consistent. Of all the priorities suggested, there were two that stood head and shoulders above the rest.

At the very top of the list was the ability to sell the property. Sellers told us that given the uncertainty in the market and wider economy, having an agent that will get the job done was their highest priority.

The second was securing an offer at the best price, an agent who is going to give the right advice at the start and will work their socks off to get you as much as possible for your home.

Clients also told us that working out which agent has the highest chance of selling and will secure the best possible price is almost impossible to gauge. Relying on counting sold boards and word of mouth did not give them the confidence they’d made the right decision.

How does WellingtonWise stack up?
You stand the highest chance of selling with WellingtonWise in Royston. On average you stand a 29% better chance of selling your home if you instruct WellingtonWise, over another estate agent in Royston. At the most extreme end of the scale, appointing the least successful agent reduces your chance of selling by 79%, these are big decisions to make.

Working out who sells properties at the highest price is almost impossible to work out. You’d need an identical property to be sold by every agent to really see who has the best negotiation skills, unfortunately, this doesn’t happen. There are, however, some tell-tale signs.

Agreeing as close to the asking price as possible is a good indicator of whether the agent is pricing correctly. Overpriced and you will receive offers 10% under the sticker price, price too low and you’ll sell everything at the asking price.

At WellingtonWise we achieve 98.5% of the asking price on average, this tells us we’re not limiting the price by pricing too low, yet are close enough to not worry about a lack of interest due to an unachievably high asking price.

Looking deeper into the data, we negotiate an additional £10,664 over the initial offer on average for our clients. A concern some clients have is appointing an agent is who is solely focussed on agreeing a sale, to the detriment of maximising the offer.

Any smoke or mirrors?
We simply don’t need them. Always check that the figures and facts are from data over a reasonable length of time and in a relevant but wide enough area. Any agent can claim to have sold the most properties on a handpicked road over a couple of days or collate multiple branches into one.

The facts provided in this article are based on activity over the course of 6 months, from 1st January to 30th June 2019 in the SG8 area which covers Royston and the vast majority of surrounding villages. Data has been provided by Rightmove and our own internal systems.

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